The Diaconate


Confessing Christ as Lord and seeking to give Him first place in our lives and life together, in a context of prayer and under the inspiration of the Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church Members' Meeting is the final decision-making body of the local Church. Among other things, it is empowered to call ministers, choose deacons and appoint church officers (Secretary and Treasurer) and organisation leaders along with helping affirm the vision and mission of the Church and setting its budget . There is provision for up to seven deacons - both men and women. Church Meetings now take place at least six times per year with meetings held usually in January, March, May, July, September and November. Our Annual Church Meeting takes place in March.


As an independent church, we are self-financing. Our main income is the offering. We encourage regular worshippers to consider a realistic level of giving. An envelope scheme encourages systematic giving, alternatively standing orders can be set up. Those who pay tax can increase the value of their gifts to the church substantially through Gift Aid. All giving is confidential.

The church supports its minister, and a minimum of 10% of our offering income is given away: Baptist Home Mission and BMS World Mission are our priorities.