Baptism and Church Membership


In common with other Baptist churches and many other Christians, we believe that according to the New Testament, baptism is commanded by Christ for those who make a personal commitment to follow His example. We therefore practise Believer's Baptism; this is usually administered by full immersion.  


On the safe arrival of a child or at an appropriate time thereafter we are delighted to offer a special service of Thanksgiving and Dedication. In such services, we give thanks to God for the gift of a child, we seek God's blessing and protection upon the child and their family and we make simple yet significant promises to share together and support one another in the nurture of the child as they grow.


Church Membership at Pershore is open to all who turn from sin toward God in repentance, who put their faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and whose lives bear evidence of their Christian profession by the work and fruit of God's Spirit.

Members are usually received after Baptism by immersion. A person can also become a member by profession of faith and/or transfer. 

All applicants are asked earnestly to consider the New Testament teaching on Baptism, but the Church welcomes to full membership all who conscientiously follow our Lord Jesus Christ. 

All who want to make Pershore Baptist Church their spiritual home are welcome to explore the matter  prayerfully with the help of the Minister, Deacons, House Group Leader or Church member. Guidance notes about membership are available on request.

New members are received into fellowship at a Communion Service where they are asked to publicly reaffirm their faith.